Sandwich Petals


Until recently, finding edible gluten-free  flatbread and soft tortillas have proven to be challenging feats. Lacking the “elastic” of gluten, most GF flatbread and tortilla products are crumbly and frequently tasteless as well. But thanks to the pioneering talents of folks at Raquelita’s Tortillas, in Denver, Colorado, gluten-free options- in the form of  soft, flavor rich and flexible  Sandwich Petals  now exist.

Billed as “The Ultimate Gluten-free Athletic Flatbread”- Sandwich Petals deliver with some pretty ultimate taste and extra-ordinary nutritional aspects. Aside from yummy flavor and variety, we loved these for the convenience. Unlike so many GF products, Sandwich Petals (gasp) don’t need to be refrigerated or frozen- and have a shelf life without ‘fridge storage of up to 30 days.

For those of you pondering school lunches or quick “grab it and go” meals, Sandwich Petals are a significantly useful item to combat boring pack lunches and as well as adding zing to a medley of tasty dishes.

And, as opposed to countless “special diet” products- Sandwich Petals aren’t costly. In fact, these are actually reasonably priced. It’s possible to still pay your bills and eat this item on a routine basis – a rarity in the GF world, my friends. A mere $25 bucks will offer a variety pack of 36 petals (12 of each flavor). (OMG)

Of the three varieties – Agave Grain, Spinach Garlic Pesto, and Chimayo Red Chile- we preferred the Chimayo Red Chile overall. It’s a perfect partner for items like breakfast burritos and Mexican style recipes. Since our family virtually devoured the entire box of these in a few days (and even fought over the last Chimayo Red Chile Petal) I’d say it’s now a permanent fixture in our GF dining.

The Agave Grain is a sweetish, honey reminiscent tortilla – a factor I wasn’t prepared for when I made tuna fish salad roll-ups without reading about the varieties first. But Agave Grain does pair fabulously with peanut butter and banana treats and is excellent in the recipe for “Roast Chicken Wraps” offered on the Sandwich Petals website, as well as divine brushed with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and baked into crispy sweet flatbread chips.

Spinach Garlic Pesto is a vibrant offering, and deliciously works well with GF cream cheese and fresh veggie roll-ups or functions well as the platform for boundless varieties of flatbread-esque mini-pizzas. Avocado and sprouts, mixed with grilled fresh salmon is a family favorite for this version of Sandwich Petals.

You’ll want to heat Sandwich Petals prior to using for about 10-30 seconds. Although surprisingly soft and moist, like  most GF items, they need a bit of help being pliable and may crack if you don’t preheat a bit. Make use of the many recipes offered on the site or try your own. Sandwich Petals have endless options and due to versatility, are well worth adding to your GF diet on a happily regular basis.

Lab certified by American Institute of Baking, as gluten-free (less than 20 ppm) Sandwich Petals are also:

Low carb and low-calorie

Free of dairy, egg, peanut, tree nuts, shellfish, soy and wheat

Full of heart happiness, with cardiac health essential Omega 3

Diabetic friendly

Rich in pre-biotics for sound digestion.






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