Casein and GF Coconut Whipped Cream- When You Gotta Have a Fix


Photo by Ginnerobot

As a child, I lurked in the kitchen waiting for my mother to make whipped cream- real, luscious whipped cream. She’d hand me the beaters and I’d scuttle off with my treat. This was before the onset of my own food intolerances and celiac disease, of course. Then there were many bleak years, post- diagnosis where I yearned for a smidgen of whipped cream in vain. Back a hundred years ago or so, when I was a kiddo- though my mother was an amazing pioneer in the world of gluten-free cooking- knowledge and resources were limited.  To this day,  I remain a consummate whipped cream junkie.

Thankfully, being gluten and casein free today doesn’t mean your pumpkin pie is doomed to be forever lonely. There are wonderful alternatives available that actually taste fabulous.

One of the best friends you’ll make in your walk on the GF and casein free path is coconut milk. You’ll find it nearly every grocery and health food store.  Coconut milk comes in two main varieties whole or full fat and “light.” While the light works well in nearly all sweet baking as an equal and flavorful substitute for milk, the full fat kind is magical as a replacement for cream. (A word of advice, don’t use coconut milk in such fare as “potato soup” or it will impart an overpowering and unwelcome coco-nutty taste. Although coconut milk is a great item, some things DO NOT work as universal substitutions. Kindly learn from my mishaps and spare yourself the agony)

Tips for working with coconut milk:

To make whipped cream, you’ll need the full fat kind. Grab a few cans and stick them in your fridge as you’ll want the cream to clump together and separate from the watery “milk”. I like to leave cans for several days in the fridge. The bare minimum I’ve found you can get a decent separation is about 4-8 hours of chilling. Much less than that and your cream will be sludgy and gooey.

Coconut Whipped Cream


•1 1/2 cups full fat coconut milk, (Two 13.5 oz cans )

•1/3 cup powdered sugar

•1 – 4 Tbsp Tapioca Flour  or Tapioca Starch (they are the same thing, but may be labeled differently) (add 1 Tbsp at a time)

•1 Tbsp GF vanilla extract or you can use GF almond or chocolate extract for a flavor change


1.Chill the unopened cans of coconut milk for several days in fridge or at least 4-8 hours.

2.Open cans, remove cream with spatula. Discard liquid or use in another recipe. (The cream should be very thick, almost coagulated)

3.Beat the thick coconut cream in a chilled bowl with a hand mixer on high speed until thick and fluffy.

4.Gradually beat in the powdered sugar and tapioca starch or tapioca flour 1 or 2 Tbsp at a time, testing for flavor and consistency

5. You can flavor the whipped cream further by adding two tablespoons of cocoa powder and increasing sugar by two tablespoons.  Or add cinnamon or GF liqueurs. Make sure you GENTLY add these ingredients by folding so you don’t cause cream to wilt. Work quickly and use immediately or place in a covered bowl in fridge and store for until needed. In the fridge the cream holds up quite well, but you should consume within a day for best results. 

Use this on your favorite dessert,  as a topping for a rich hot chocolate treat or fold into Chocolate of the Gods for a more “milk chocolate” version or any time sweetened whipped cream is needed.  Or you can immediately pounce on the stuff and mass consume it straight out of the bowl. Who said the gluten-free life didn’t have many options?


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