Quick Breakfast Ideas: Gluten-Free Frozen Burritos

It’s Monday and no doubt you’re scrambling around for a way to jump-start your week.  If you’d like a delicious “quick and easy” gluten-free morning, grab one of these items from our friends at Glutenfreeda Foods. The newest addition to their product line are  Glutenfreeda’s Burritos– which score a home run with my family for taste and ease. Not only are they the first gluten-free breakfast burrito on the market, they also have amazing flavor and actually possess the same texture as a “real” wheat flour burrito.  Glutenfreeda’s Burritos are honestly so good, you might enjoy waking up a little more– even if it’s Monday.

 According to  Glutenfreeda Foods, “Our burritos are made from all natural ingredients, contain no  trans fats, no hydrogenated oils and are a cinch to prepare.  Simply take the frozen burrito, tear off the top strip and microwave in the bag (eliminating any possibility of cross contamination) for about 1 minute per side – the cooking time will depend on the strength of the microwave, but this is a fair approximation.  Burritos come in 4 flavors – Breakfast Beef, Chicken & Cheese, Bean & Cheese and Vegetarian & Dairy Free.”

The “Vegetarian & Dairy Free” burrito is the only one of these that isn’t laden with cheese or dairy, so if you’re watching caseins opt for that variety. However, with ingredients like “vine-ripened fresh peeled tomatoes” and Serrano peppers, you won’t miss the meat or the dairy in this veggie burrito. Top with a little salsa and you’ll be on your way out the door, doing the macarena all the way to work.  Pick these up from your local health food store or order online from the Gluten-Free Mall. You can also pop a frozen burrito in your lunch and heat up at school or work, which provides a nice option for kiddos who need a change of lunchtime pace.

Note: Check with retail stores for discounts on case lots. While not pricey compared to many other GF foods, you’ll usually save a bit on bulk purchases.

Rise and Shine!!!!





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