Friday Breakast Dash

Not every day is full of home crafted breakfasts. I’m a realist. Some mornings it’s a quickly scarfed bowl of cereal and a dash for the door. Of my five kids, the two still at home are teenage GIRLS, which implies countless hours of wardrobe revisiting and last-minute hair tweaking. Mundane things like properly fueling your body before school and nutrition, pale in comparison to the smallest strand of bangs that isn’t cooperating. Cereal is our breakfast staple on days such as these.  Use the “milk” product of your choice and have on hand peeled hardboiled eggs, fresh fruit, raisins or juice to accompany the cereal, and you’ve at least shoved some fast nutrition down the gang.

Two quick cereal options for gluten-free kiddos (and adults):

Kix: Newly reformulated without oats, Kix seem to be well tolerated by most GF individuals. Although not made specifically in a dedicated gluten-free environment, which means cross contamination is always a possibility– the ingredients themselves are appropriate for gluten and dairy free diets. As with anything, if you’ve not tried these before, use caution and read the label to be sure you’ve not picked up an older product before the oat-free revamping.  Kix, while not organic, is  vitamin fortified, and fairly low in sugar compared to many other mainstream cereals, so I can comfort myself it’s not a total wash when we eat this item.  (1  1/4th cup serving has 45 percent of the recommended daily allowance of iron and 50 percent of folic acid. )

Option 2 is our new favorite- Bakery on Main  Gluten-Free Granola. Reaching a corporate milestone this summer by satisfying their 100,000th  satisfied customer, it’s easy to understand when you peer at the labels. Rainforest Granola (my personal favorite) as well as the other flavorful options are all made with ingredients from reputable suppliers, contain superior products and are as natural as you can get.

 I’m not sure why non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil tastes better (or even why it is better period)…but this granola possesses an impressive array of ingredients that when combined, are pure yumminess…:) Other GF flavors include, Apple Raisin Walnut, Nutty Maple Cranberry, Extreme Fruit and Nut, Cranberry Orange Cashew.  Says Bakery on Main, “We use corn and rice to create a hearty breakfast cereal that is free of gluten and also makes a great snack by itself or on yogurt or ice cream.” And it’s true! 

Although some ingredients do warn, “Manufactured on equipment that also processes milk proteins, eggs, and peanuts” — we’ve not had a problem with any of their products. (I believe that warning is only on the Tropical variety, not the other granola varieties) Again, use caution and read labels and test out in small quantities. But these are seriously the best granola products I’ve ever stuffed in my face.  The company also makes “grab and go” gluten-free bars and snack sized packages. I’ve written and asked for samples, since these aren’t available here in my local stores. When/if I get these, I’ll add a review post-consuming. I live in the Midwest and actually found the cereal in my natural food section of the supermarket, so it’s likely you can find this product in most mainstream grocers and health food stores.  However, you can also find Bakery on Main products on Amazon and through the Gluten-Free Mall, as well as direct through the manufacturer.  With a philosophy that, “food that’s good for you, should taste good, too” –Bakery on Main does deliver on their promise. No unnatural items, no refined sugar and no trans-fat, and 100 delicious.

Rainforest Granola Product Description: Real dried bananas and roasted sliced brazil nuts with coconut flavor. Made with unrefined sugar and Non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil.  Ingredients: Corn flour, water, evaporated cane juice, rice flour, rice bran, raisin juice concentrate, honey, salt, non-gmo canola oil, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, banana, sesame seed, flax seed, natural vanilla flavor, natural coconut flavor, natural brown sugar flavor, sea salt.


Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies by Glutino =Equals Happiness


Chocolate Vanilla Crème Cookies

By:  Glutino

Retail: Approximately $4.99-$5.50

Serving Size: 20 cookies (10 servings)

In the writing world, you need to be careful to use words that don’t give biased attention to brand names. Hence, Kleenex is “facial tissue.” Fruit-flavored gelatin desserts aren’t called the “J” name unless specifically referring to the product, etc. But in this instance, let’s throw caution to the wind and speak of a familiar brand- Oreo’s.

I’ve missed Oreo’s. Like many gluten-free folks, I get misty at the memories. Those tasty, unique chocolate sandwich cookies with the trademark vanilla crème are becoming a distant dream.

While I can bake almost any cookie with the proper mixture of gluten-free flour/starch/xanthan gum- Oreo’s remain hopelessly impossible to create in a home kitchen. What’s more, I somehow think there’s a special magic associated with the process- unique to the makers of the elusive Oreo.

When my daughter first got diagnosed with this condition, we picked up another gluten free Oreo-like brand (who shall be nameless here) and were sadly disappointed. In fact, I’d actually sworn off attempting this trial again with other GF brands.

But, our friends and culinary geniuses at Glutino, have produced a gluten-free chocolate wafer plus vanilla crème sandwich cookie that actually satisfies the cravings of even the most die-hard cookies and cream fan.

These yummy Glutino cookies are not only free of gluten and milk, but also free of the “health food” taste that frequently accompanies “special diet” fare. While there is a time and place for that “whole grain” flavor- it’s got no part in a snack like chocolate/vanilla crème sandwich cookies. In other words, Glutino’s cookies taste like a decadent treat- as they should.

If you know much about our family, we didn’t come into this lifestyle by choice. We actually were what I’d call, “non selective” feeders- dining on veggies and healthy fare in unison with equally unhealthy junk food. So, for me to give the A+ stamp of approval on Glutino’s efforts is a profound compliment to their ingenuity.

Of course, you can scarf them right out of the bag, (and no doubt, you’ll want to) but they also work well when mixed with Purely Decadent’s Vanilla Bean coconut milk ice cream or your favorite brand of ice cream. And when dunked in milk (or other milk-like substance of your choice? ) Mmmm…

For kiddo’s and grown up alike, Glutino has given us another reason to live gluten free fearlessly and happily. Yum.

Find them online at,  in chains like Meijer, or ask for them at your local health food store.


Ingredients: Icing sugar, flour blend (corn flour, potato starch, corn starch, white rice flour, tapioca starch, soy flour, potato flour, carrageenan, gum arabic, xanthan gum), organic palm oil, canola oil, cocoa powder processed with alkali, natural cocoa powder, invert sugar, natural flavors, corn starch, egg whites, sodium bicarbonate, sea salt, soy lecithin, ammonium bicarbonate.

May Contain: Contains soy and eggs. May contain traces of milk, peanut and tree nuts


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